Monday, February 22, 2010

Ferro Finishes

So today I decided it was time to start experiments with the finishes on the ferro cement test shape. I have been doing Internet research and found a few folks who describe using silica-sand (AKA flint silica) to make a slip out of the cement. Color is, or can be, added at this time into the mixture. The slip is pained on and then when it has set it is sanded down and the process is repeated until a silky smooth surface is achieved. I am guessing at the ratios and tried a 2:1 mixture of silica:cement. I also didn't have acyclic so I tried some gouache I had. I applied it to my test object after it I made sure it was damp.

What I will look for is,
- how fast it dries
- how stable it is with all this stuff added
- how easy it sands
- how quickly I can re-coat
- how many coats I will need to get it smooth.
It's all an experiment and we'll see how things look later today.

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