Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Been a While

But, I have not been idle. This time of year is always busy at the university studios, with our major annual iron pour and travel back to NC to pick up my show and participate in the ECU iron pour and before that a trip to Tally to help out with their iron pour at FSU, students joining me both times. At school there has been no lack of drama with my students, in fact this year was a stellar year in the annals of "As the Studio Turns" we could win an Emmy for this past semester.

Phew, I'll be happy when this is over. But all in all I am looking forward to next semester, there have been some strong lessons learned this fall and I am hoping that they will work themselves out into some excellent pieces for the spring.

As for myself, not much rest, yet. I had a visit with the Mississippi Museum of Art to talk about a commission for a piece for the Art Garden. One of the first for the new space that will be built, with ground breaking happening in December. I still have some fabrication work I am doing for another part of the park and will soon learn about the specifics of the commission. They have my proposal and budget and they love my work (they called me!) and liked all three of my drawings. This is very exciting for me and I can't wait to get on with it. But as all of you who deal with public money know, you can't count your pennies until you have the check in hand.

This sketch shows a meager image of the piece I proposed, this is the one (of three) they most liked as it can move and will cover the most ground. I really want to build this.

In the mean time I will be working on the pieces for my new show in Florida in late April. I have much work to do as I plan on a new body of work. Of course it's all related to my ships and villages but these will be new, well most of then anyway. I am very excited but will need to kick my ass into gear to make sure I am making good use of my time. Easier said then done.

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  1. Cool concept for the sculpture garden boats. I'd love to see these things installed! It was good seeing you all at the iron pour. Seeing your stuff reminds me that I have GOT to update my blog. I've been pretty pathetic with keeping track of it lately!