Saturday, April 21, 2012

Homes for Everyone

Homes for Everyone is a new sculpture installation that I am working on this spring and into summer. This outdoor sculpture work is generously funded by a faculty research grant from the College of Arts and Letters at The University of Southern Mississippi. In brief the grant will supply all materials, tools, hardware and installation needs for the work. I plan on having the sculpture installed on campus for one year starting in September 2012, and then hope to exhibit the work at other outdoor venues around the country after that.

Here are a few sketches of some of the "homes".

The homes will be made of aluminum plate and tubing and there will be 6 to 7 of them in a range of sizes and shapes, they will be bunched together in a make-shift village. This work is a part of a series I have been working that addresses my own personal experiences of the inadequacies in affordable housing and issues of lack of safe homes and the number of foreclosed homes in today's negative housing market and poor economy.

Viewers will be able to interact with the works by getting up under and in some of the homes to read statistics about the current housing crisis.

I will be fabricating the works myself at the USM sculpture studios over the 2012 summer.
One of the fabrication layouts for the larger of the "homes".

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  1. You may enjoy looking at this woman's work:
    She's creating quilts based on foreclosures in cities across the country.

    I added you to my blog list after your work was exhibited in Ormond Beach - I'm the one who took photos of your work after it was installed.