Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Not Exciting (but important non-the-less)

Today was another full day in the studio. I started the day with a pretty expensive trip to the Depot. I needed to get hardware for hanging 'boats' as well as plastic and other stuff needed for the trip to TN. Back home I oiled the Swamp Shack, did some repair on some broken stuff and pretty much spent the rest of the day making hangers, brackets and other hardware necessary for horizontal wall mounting of some of the 'boats'. Making the stuff is not hard but it is repetitive, I have plenty of good tools and steel, it just takes lots of time to customize them to each boat. It went better than expected and I hope to make more tomorrow, should go faster.

I really have to start wrapping stuff for travel. Now that's going to be a real pain... I'll admit I am ready to see this show up. I need to get back to some of the new work I am interested in, like making more swamp shacks and such. That is what is getting me excited these days and I want to finish the engine (I need to 'cause it's due at the end of the month). I was just invited to do another solo exhibition with a stipend up in North Carolina in October, I'll say more later when everything is ironed out.

Tomorrow is more studio work... To be continued...

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