Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another Day

Today we worked mostly on getting the ribbon of skin on the outside of the bench. This was tough work and required a lot of tedious welding and cutting of shapes out of the stainless (Got to love the cut-off wheel!). With the skin on we now have a ton of grinding and finishing work to do. I called the artist, Martha Ferris, to see if we could find out if we could get an ETA on when the mosaic will be delivered as we really can't finish the job until we have that in hand. The tile manufacturer sent drawings that specified a 1/8" lip over the top of the tile (the tile and backing board already take up over an inch of space its self), to me that is a pretty sharp edge of metal that would be sticking up into the back of your leg, so we want to get the edge right to the perfect height but need the actual mosaic to do it. In the mean time we can get lots of finishing done and surface treatment started.Right now we are putting in some long hours and working on weekends as we want to get the bulk of this done before the students get back into the studio next week, that's when life gets really crazy! (But in a good way.)

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