Monday, January 31, 2011

Commission Awarded

Yay! I was officially awarded the commission at the new Mississippi Museum of Art, Art Garden. I love the idea of being one of the inaugural works in the space.

My nine Garden Boats will be dispersed throughout the water garden part of the park and will be from 2' to 6' long and from 8 feet to 12 feet high on poles. They will have bearings so they can turn in the wind. They will be made from stainless steal with a bright finish.

All nine will remain for a year or two temporary exhibition and then three will remain for the permanent collection. I am very excited but also know I have a ton of work to do in order to get them done for the beginning of June.

Below is a computer rendering of the works, not they will look exactly like this, this was done mainly for understanding scale within the sight. Right now I am learning some real 3D rendering programs in order to be able to fully render the works in a 3D environment for future jobs and competitions.