Monday, January 6, 2014

A New Year or Holy Shit it's 2014 Already

"Gosh where has the time gone?" I am clearly not the only one asking this question. I am behind in updating this blog, but I have my reasons, all of them good.

Right now I am getting ready for classes next week and catching up on correspondence. It's freaking cold here, not usual for Mississippi to stay below freezing for the whole day.

I was in the Netherlands for 16 days over the holidays, it was a wonderful time, as it was last year. I am still getting over travel hangover.

Some of the good things...

Homes for Everyone is going to the Portsmouth Art & Cultural Center in Virginia for 2014.

The six Garden Boats, not going into the Mississippi Museum of Art permanent collection, are going to the Kemp Center for the Arts, in Wichita Falls, TX for 2104.

I made good progress on my cloud series pieces, but honestly the studio is too cold right now for my hands to work so I'll take a short break. These are so far, finished in many coats of sanded gesso. It's taking a long time and I clearly have made no decisions on the final colors, if any.

I also got a new webpage up and running. is still the same name and address as the old one just a new website host and updated design.

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