Saturday, November 16, 2013

Almost There, But Not Quite

I have made progress. It's been over a month and I am sad (sort of) they are not finished. However, they represent a whole new body of work and for me the language is exciting and new, I want to learn it thoroughly as I progress into these new works.

I won't bore you with all the small problems, both physical and design related, that have manifested (and are expected), but suffice to say as one problem is solved it often reveals another to deal with. A thick lamination made to solve a scale problem means a physical weight shift that requires another solution. Solving these types of engineering problems are fun but weigh on me after a while. The brain can get tired easily. I have learned how to use Sketch Up and this program can be very handy. Rendering parts on my computer and trying out different solutions virtually has helped me not to waste plywood when working. It's very good for figuring out color too. Drawing is still a constant though and a very immediate tool that I still use, always.

Yesterday I had one of those BAM! moments, and the fun times ensued. The work flowed, the solutions flowed, the whole session was productive.

So, as of this point, I have my forms, I have several laminations to complete, some connections to make, sanding and patching, more sanding, and then gluing and pining pieces together. A few weeks of work for sure.

Some pieces will be glued in place and others will be pinned so they can be attached when installing the work. These works will remain largely intact though. As far as color, right now I have no idea, I have a gallon of good sandable gesso and that will be the start.

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