Monday, October 7, 2013

In Progress, Forever.

The hollow forms are progressing well. These new works are labor intensive and there is lots of problem solving to do. As I workout one solution others present themselves and I realize I could be working on this series for a long time. I have to work hard to keep my mind on one theme and not wondering off on all the possibilities for new pieces. I do some sketches, take some photos, whatever so that I don't forget all the exciting options I am being presented with.

The last work I showed progressed to this-

But I knew it wasn't finished, still felt it was lacking something. So I made some dummy parts that progressed to final glue ups (solid laminations)-

And now I feel satisfied I have the right form-

I have started on the next forms, which are of course even bigger-

I am getting better at making them and faster too, although I did learn that our local hardware store, Economy Supply, sells bendy plywood! Amazing! So much easier and cleaner than making all those kerf cuts in that crappy and cheaply made luan-
Next I have to start working on finishes. I know what I want I just to have to experiment and find where to get the right stuff. Finishing will, no doubt, be a big adventure in itself.

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