Friday, November 6, 2009

Fuel for the Fire

Images from ABC Coke in Birmingham AL.

Right now we are heavy into preparations for our annual iron pour. Yesterday James and I headed east for the 3.5 hour ride to Birmingham to stock up on much needed raw materials. Our first stop was to ABC Coke. For years they have generously donated the coke (refined coal) that we use to fuel our blast furnace to melt iron for making art castings. We'll typically get between 4 and 6 thousand pounds per trip. Sounds like a lot but considering that ABC usually sells coke by the rail road car, what we get are just crumbs to them. We also made a stop a Specialty Foundry Supply to get some other supplies and then it was back home. A 12 hour day in the truck, thank God I had my good buddy James with me and a Ipod full of exceptional Jazz.

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  1. Here I am! This is exciting! Long truck ride but productive for you guys, right?!