Friday, November 20, 2009

Pour Iron!

Some images from pouring iron.

It was an exciting day and lots of hard work. Never mind the many weeks of preparation leading up to it. In the end the day went well. No major mishaps or injuries. We had some cold metal which caused a few molds not to pour properly but that's part of the precess and the possibility of something not coming out is always a reality to deal with.

My molds came out great. I am so happy. After the pour all of us celebrated by going to La Fiesta Brava; one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. Boy we had fun, way too much fun for some! But it was all worth the headache the next day!
In a few days I will get to cut off the gates and vents and clean up my castings up to get some images. Right now I am real busy with end of the semester stuff; we are done in less than three weeks! I still can't believe it!

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  1. That just does not look like an "easy" task! Cute picture of you and thanks for sharing the experience. What do the products look like?