Monday, November 23, 2009

Grinding Away

Here are some images of raw castings, one shows the works with the gates and vents still on one of the pieces and the others show the gates cut off and some grinding done on the surface.

There is still lots to do with getting the surfaces cleaned up and then giving them the rusty patina I like so much. I also have another one from a prior pour I still have to do.
It's pretty nasty, dirty work, but they won't grind them selves, so I've got to do it. There is a lot of satisfaction once they are done.

These "homes" are part of a larger installation called Homes for Everyone. I have about 15 already complete and they are made out of all kinds of materials; clay, iron, steel and wood. They are also all different sizes and colors. This variety is an important factor that for me as it echos our ethnic mixture in this country. For me it's all about the housing crisis and how so many different people have been effected. I actually came close to losing my home this summer, it was a shocking realization. I truly believe that all people deserve a safe place to live and this art work will be just a small token to express my feelings on that.


  1. You are incredible. This art has so much meaning and soul behind it. Please post pictures of the other houses, I'm so curious.
    By the way, croissants versus wine...hummm that's a tough one!

  2. If you're going down 49 south there's a white house on the right side of the road between forrest general and wendy's that reminds me of your iron house =] check it out next time you're down that way